NextEra Distributed Water is committed to changing the landscape of water resource management through on-site reclamation and reuse. Our ecologically engineered, district-scale water recycling systems (WaterHubs) reduce water supply risk, save millions of dollars in utility costs, and improve environmental stewardship. Through innovative performance financing called a Water Processing Agreement, our turn-key projects can be designed, built and operated at no upfront capital expense to our clients.

From industrial parks to college campuses, custom WaterHub systems are suitable for any wastewater treatment or reuse application. Through ecological treatment design, NextEra Distributed Water develops highly efficient wastewater recycling systems tailored to each client’s unique site, design, flow and water quality requirements. The WaterHub reclaims wastewater for non-potable demands such as heating and cooling, irrigation and toilet flushing. With flexible site integration and an aesthetically-pleasing, odorless design, the WaterHub provides a NextEra Distributed Water management solution for any industry or setting – urban or rural.




  • Redundant (N+1) water supply for non-potable demands
  • Back-up water storage, holding capacity
  • Consistent, alternative water supply for drought resilience


  • Decrease water and sewer costs 
  • Reduce effluent (high strength wastewater surcharges) 
  • Insulate against rising water and sewer rates 
  • Reduce Operational costs of existing wastewater treatment operations


Environmental Responsibilities

  • Energy-efficient ecological treatment technologies 
  • Eliminate wastewater discharge, net zero discharge 
  • Decrease clean water diversion from sensitive ecosystems 
  • Reduce groundwater withdrawals



  • Protect stressed community water supplies 
  • Reduce impact on public water and sewer infrastructure 
  • Opportunity for immersion learning, research, and outreach



Learn about our best-in-class wastewater treatment and reclamation technologies for each project.


Case Studies

Actions speak louder than words. Find out how others have realized success and savings with the help of NextEra Distributed Water.