Water security, whether triggered by revolving drought or infrastructure failure, is a common theme across the United States. In light of these stresses, bulk water users, like college campuses and manufacturing centers, are turning to water reclamation to recycle billions of gallons and save hundreds-of-thousands of dollars each year. Water reclamation and reuse enhances water security – creating a more resilient campus or community by localizing water supplies.

Decentralized (on-site) water reuse provides numerous environmental and operational benefits, such as:

  • Mitigating risks associated with water scarcity, aging water and wastewater infrastructure and environmental constraints;
  • Reducing or eliminating wastewater discharge, and thus pollution to surface water and groundwater reservoirs;
  • Insulating against rising water and sewer costs;
  • Greatly reducing & minimizing potable water intake, and thus freshwater withdrawals from sensitive eco-systems;
  • Significant reductions in volumetric water costs;
  • Significant reductions or elimination of volumetric sewer costs (along with other wastewater surcharges like BOD or TSS);
  • Providing a consistent & reliable back-up supply of water for mission critical operational needs (like HVAC or process water uses);
  • Greater control over water quality for process applications.

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